About Pris

I’m pretty awesome, and a bit… em…  ‘quirky’ is the word I would use

This is Me

I spend part of my day dreaming about food and travelling; and the rest of the day creating killer marketing and advertising work. Mom of the most adorable dog in the world. 

I am Pris, a creative marketing and advertising enthusiast.

  • Brand Strategy 98%
  • Internet Marketing 92%
  • Web design 95%
  • How happy you would be if you work with me 100%

That’s what my customer says:

I’m the first ‘proper’ customer that Pris has ever had and we still work together on a monthly basis. I love her work and the effort that she puts in, although on a few occasions I’m pretty sure she was having a conversation with me while she was in the toilet. She was also working the day before her wedding day.


Managing Director, Missu Beauty

That’s also what my customer says:

I’m not really allowed to say anything bad about her… jokes aside she has done a great job! Website turnaround time was so fast and the after support was great too – she taught me how to update the site myself. One thing I have to criticise is the fact that she came over for free food a couple of times. Be warned.


Owner, Vnam Restaurant